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Two Girls, One Engineer by joecl93 Two Girls, One Engineer by joecl93
A little update my shipping situation.

From right to left:


Age: ??
Species: Inktoling (Mutant)
Default Ink Color: Yellow
Eye Color: Blue
Personality: Lemony is one the smartest squids in her field, and yet finds the space to let her girly side to flourish.
Love Interests: Joe
Family: Unknown
Likes: Inkling genetics, Math, Science, Being smart, Brain teasers, Finding out what makes her mutation "tick"
Dislikes: Overly Intense theme park rides, Being "too girly", Her mutation (on some occasions)
Occupation: Geneticist for Red Butte Industries
Weapon of Choice: Custom E-liter 3k
Bio: Born with rare mutation that switch her eyelids for inkling to octoling almost unpredictably, Lemony has spent most of her life trying to figure out her mutation, which has landed her job as Head Geneticist for Red Butte Industries. She was the one who proposed the Human DNA experiment  Joe was a part of.
Outfit: Squid Hairclip, SQUID GIRL Tunic, Hunter Hi-Tops


Age: ??
Nickname: Mr. Spock (from Limette) Ludwig van Beethoven (from Lemony)
Default Ink Color: Purple
Eye Color: Brown
Personality: Joe love any type of gizmo and gadget he can get his hands on, but it's very difficult for him to socialize with other squids.
Love Interests: Lemony? Limette?
Family: Unknown
Likes: Trains, Computers, Any type of gizmo he can get his hands on, most anything from Braum's
Dislikes: Any food that has Omega 3's in it, discussing his feelings
Occupation: Electrical/Mechanical Engineer for Red Butte Industries
Weapon of Choice: Wasabi Splattershot
Bio: Born with Aspergers Syndrome, Joe has always had a hard time getting to know others. He has found gadgets and machinery to be more relate-able, and now works at Red Butte Industries either fixing or designing new machines.
Outfit: (on occasion) Texas Ten Gallon or Engineer's Cap, Green Zip Hoodie, Zombie Hi-Horses


Age: ??
Species: Inkling
Default Ink Color: Green
Eye Color: Blue
Personality: Limette is one the sweetest most adorable squids you'll ever meet, that could either be a good or bad depending on who you are.
Love Interests: Joe
Family: Unknown
Likes: Baking, Being loved, Being cute
Dislikes: Unexpected breakups
Occupation: Baker for her Dad's Coffee Shop
Weapon of Choice: Tempered Dynamo Roller
Bio: With a love for anything sweet, her talent for baking always seems to put a smile on peoples faces.
Outfit: Green Studio Headphones, Black and Green Zekko Hoodie, Squid-Stitch Slip-Ons
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